I began writing in my late fifties. It gave me relief from my heart that was bursting with so many mixed feelings. I had just returned home after caring for my folks. I've written mostly children's stories - many of them with dear, talented friends. Marc Chalvin a Parisian artist, makes the stories sing. Without his drawings - well I can't even imagine. I write mostly about our relationship to animals. I believe with all our accomplishments, we haven't mastered a simple law of nature – being kind to animals and by extension to one another. If we could turn to a vegan diet, the waters would be pure again, our health would improve, starvation would be a thing of the past, and our precious earth would calm down…Chris Stover wrote in Mister Pepper's Secret: "I want everyone to think of me as a friend—the friend who is always waiting for them, no matter what." That's the way I'd like you to feel about the books offered here. I hope you enjoy the website.
As ever,
Marian Hailey-Moss


april 29, 2015


april 15, 2015

"Oh...my name is Mira," said the elephant. "It's short for Miracle."


december 26, 2014

Butterfly an orphaned baby elephant is looking for a safe place to grow up... will she find it...?

mister pepper's secret

june 16, 2014

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march 3, 2013

A Flower In My Chest

dreams need feet to walk on.....

escape under the moonlight

november 24, 2012

Painting by Chris Stover

House rabbits make wonderful pets to live in your home. Every Saturday the Sonoma Humane Society in California has a Bunny Playground and Dating Service where the shelter bunnies get to dance, play, and meet new friends. To learn more about house rabbits visit rabbit.org.

A Palace for Peepers

august 31, 2012

personal quote to support Freefromharm.org

august 12, 2012

Only after changing my diet was I able to see he connection: live animals equaled my dead meal. I had been living in a dream. Now I want to help release animals from the nightmare that is inflicted on them and our environment by disconnected thinking.

Teatime with Sophie

august 3, 2012

There are two as you become one…
What is the meaning?

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Meet Randall the Chow

june 19, 2012

"What could a throwaway dog named Randall teach us humans about living more consciously? Apparently quite a bit! A Dog Named Randall portrays the heartwarming rescue story of Randall the dog who chooses tofu, carrots and broccoli while eschewing meat. And it's based a true story to boot! This uplifting and entertaining story is also peppered with wonderful illustrations depicting Randall's adventures. Share it with you kids. They'll love it! And it might even get them to think about the other animals in their lives as well." -Robert Grillo, founder and editor of Free from Harm

cartier dreams

march 1, 2012

ring modeled by Sara

bracelet modeled by Dana


january 16, 2012

oil painting by Oriana Kacicek

The oceans are central to our livelihoods and our survival on the planet

august 21, 2011

burning room

august 20, 2011

moo cow for a pet

august 10, 2011

I think I'd like a moo cow for a pet,
No cats or barking dogs would ever do,
A heifer would be wonderful, I bet!
I'd wake up every morning to the joyful sound of "moo!"

the golden rule

august 4, 2011

world peace diet- by dr. will tuttle

july 10, 2011

they’re counting on us! go vegan

painting by madeline tuttle

Marian’s Birthday Party

may 1, 2011

Vegan cake and photo by Colette's Cakes

Photo's of Marian by Terese Loeb Kreuzer

party for david

april 10, 2011

photo of david by marta szabo

with a special vegan treat by Colette's Cakes

dream of the leaping rabbit

December 27, 2010

Painter Chris Stover and his wife live in California and volunteer with the Sonoma County Humane Society for house rabbits. Their goal is to get rabbits adopted into good homes and to educate people that rabbits are wonderful pets who should live indoors.
This painting shows one of their bunnies Boudica dreaming about wild rabbits. Boudica was a fierce, biting bunny who had been abused, but lived with them happily for many years.

peeky & othello

July 22, 2010

How Many More?

April 13, 2010

Peek-a Boo at 10 months

April 11, 2010

be vegan

April 11, 2010

LOOK INTO HIS EYES AND OPEN YOURS! from carmen4thepets on Vimeo.

linda montgomery - gretchen

March 3, 2010

"my beautiful pink-haired daughter"

shadow - 15 years young

February 8, 2010


February 7, 2010

july 4, 1992 - february 6, 2010

poem by MHM

November 15, 2009

I heard the cow meow
It wanted to be a cat
I heard the lamb bow wow
It wanted to be dog
I heard the chicken tweet
It wanted life and freedom
But the slaughter came anyway
And now a slice of silence with sauce
A BIG mistake on that plate!

Master Ching Hai's message to Obama

April 27, 2009

Hi! I’m Melvin the Methane Molecule.

April 10, 2009

Image by Seann Vicente

Mostly known for my work with cows.
Just go Vegan!
You know - no animal products.
Climate change will calm down.
I can do moderation and harmony.
You can do love.
Love our planet - yourself - your children’s future.
Love the animals and just say no to cruelty.
Say no to starvation
– we can feed 2 billion people
with the food that’s fed to factory farm animals
Love our planet and it’ll love you back!
Before we get to the tipping point –
You know - the point of no return...
Go for it ~ Be Vegan ~ And be Cool

this is why I got a vegan cake for my birthday celebration...

February 1, 2009

Check out this 10 second video....


January 29, 2009

special words

“If we want to truly lead a life of "Love thy nieghbor," our neighbors should include our animal friends, especially since they harm us in no way. They only beautify our lives; they are loving, and they make our lives more lively, colorful and interesting. We should preserve them, watch them, love them and enjoy their presence. God has made it clear; He says, "I made all the animals to befriend you and help you." - Supreme Master Ching Hai

Sample Booklet of Supreme Master Ching Hai

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